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Bereavement and Malvern retreats (3 minute read)

Updated: Jun 12

Have you ever thought of going on a retreat but been put off by the seriousness of them? Join my club!

I offer self-compassion 'therapeutic themed breaks' with connection and therapeutic teaching in equal measure.

The breaks include the offer of 1:1 counselling, nourishing but hearty food, laughter, connection, mindfulness and even coffee and other treats for people to indulge themselves with, without guilt or judgement. An actual holiday and space first with mindfulness and therapeutic activities to support you through a difficult period.

If you would like to hear about therapeutic breaks ran with other specialist counsellors please get in touch using the contact form. Breaks running in 2024/5 include 'Breaks for Bereaved widows' and 'Recently bereaved' a break for anyone still struggling with loss.

Read more on this dedicated page, if instead you are interesting in coming for a single person mindfulness break in Malvern. Come and stay with me, in Malvern, enjoy 1:1 therapeutic mindfulness work and a break in the hills. Counselling can also be offered which can continue on Zoom on your return. Use the contact me link if you are interested.

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