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Schools work

I worked together with Dionne as senior leaders in a challenging school, and we have remained friends. 


Dionne’s approach to deescalating challenging situations was fantastic.  ...Using her strong emotional intelligence and skill, she was able to adapt her approach for children (and adults) who were experiencing heightened emotions. She was fully aware that ‘one size does not fit all’ and used a range of strategies to support children to succeed emotionally so that they were ready to learn.  Dionne showed great patience and persevered which was so important in the environment that we were working in.


Dionne is excellent at forming professional relationships and showed great skill in drawing in adults and supporting them.  Dionne is highly intelligent and is always open to learning new skills. She was herself an outstanding teacher and yet also fully aware of the struggles of maintaining this and honest with herself about how she felt about the frustrating and challenging side of working in Education.  We were drawn to her as a person whom we could go to for sincere, honest and practical non-judgemental advice, professional or personal. 


I have been really impressed with how she has homed in on the skills mentioned above to start her own business as a Mindfulness Counsellor. She has all the attributes required for this field. She is empathetic, non-judgemental, patient, kind and so supportive (amongst other positive things).  As a friend working overseas, I miss her dearly and always have this sense of healing and being reenergised when I have been in her company over the space of over 15 years.  I think it takes a very special kind of person to become any kind of counsellor but especially the areas Dionne is interested in.  Dionne is certainly one of them.  She just has the ability to make you feel heard and accepted, good enough, and her wisdom is considerable, valuable and precious.

Rebecca Ross, Pastoral Head, Phuket International School, 2022

Grief counselling

Dee was so accepting, and it was so easy to talk openly about my real feelings, feelings which I have not spoken to anyone about.  I found it really helpful talking about the very painful loss of my Mum and the regrets I had around her death.  I felt heard, accepted and it was like letting off a load of pent-up feelings.

N 2022


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