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Dee was so accepting, and it was so easy to talk openly about my real feelings, feelings which I have not spoken to anyone about.  I found it really helpful talking about the very painful loss of my Mum and the regrets I had around her death.  I felt heard, accepted and it was like letting off a load of pent-up feelings.  

Bereavement, Client R 

I felt really supported and safe working with Dee.  I gained some really useful strategies which helped soothe work related anxieties relating to performance anxiety and work place stress.  
Client S

I am so glad I gave Mindfulness a go with you. Even though I was brand new to it, it has helped me to calm and soothe my feelings around people who I find difficult and to make changes in my life to assertively but kindly take back power from someone I was being bullied by at work.
Client A

Absolutely brilliant. Dee is such a caring person and has giving me such helpful guidance over the sessions, with how to manage my HSP and sensitivity. Can highly recommend.   I was at the point I struggled to go out through fear and overwhelm but I am now able to manage and sit with 'what is' appreciating my sensitivity but able to regulate it far better.

Client L

Schools work - working with children and young people

Dionne’s approach to de-escalating challenging situations was fantastic.  ...Using her strong emotional intelligence and skill, she was able to adapt her approach for children and adults in school who were experiencing heightened emotions. She was fully aware that ‘one size does not fit all’ and used a range of strategies to support children.  Dionne showed great patience and persevered which was so important in the environment that we were working in.


She was herself an outstanding teacher and yet also fully aware of the struggles of maintaining this and honest with herself about how she felt about the frustrating and challenging side of working in Education.  We were drawn to her as a person whom we could all go to for sincere, honest and practical non-judgemental advice and to be listened to, at a professional or personal level. 


She is empathetic, non-judgemental, patient, kind and so supportive (amongst other positive things).  I always have this sense of healing and being re-energised when I have been in her company over the space of over 15 years.  Dionne has the ability to make you feel heard and accepted, always good enough, and her wisdom is considerable, valuable and precious.

Mrs Ross, Headteacher

Health phobia/anxiety

Brilliant, caring, friendly, professional service ....Gave me my lightbulb moment with compassion and kindness. Would highly recommend.

EFT client J (3 sessions)

New parent anxiety

I can strongly recommend The Mindful Counsellor. Her therapy session are gentle, intuitive and focused on what you most need help with on the day. With her help I have the tools to soothe and help myself. I feel stronger and more centred. I felt cared for and nurtured by her calm, friendly and tailored approach. She is supportive and kind and very practical.  Feedback from mindfulness client J (6 sessions)

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