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Mindfulness Deep Rest / Break in Malvern

Welcome to Malvern

Do you need a break away and want to experience a self-compassion treat, have space to yourself and feel have daily therapeutic sessions, tailored just for you, on a one to one during your stay? Stays include daily therapeutic sessions using a mix of mindfulness and counselling.  These can be continued once you go home, online, for extra cost.


I already host on Airbnb, so I offer an extension of this and teach mindfulness and offer 1:1 therapeutic mindfulness whilst you enjoy a break away in our separate garden annex.  I can also offer counselling sessions which can continue on your return home. Themed retreats include bereavement breaks, break up space, dealing with overwhelm and burn out rests.

My break is not 'super-spiritual' or 'disciplined' but is gentle and certainly I hope relaxing but also includes some freedom, i hope at least a bit of laughter and time to read, chill, go out into town, walk in the Malvern hills and so on.  The accommodation is the garden apartment in my own home. You book via Airbnb or can find your own local hotel room or other accommodation.   


The detail... we negotiate this...

7:30-8:30 breakfast in your own annex - breakfast is left at the start of your break and re-stocked as needed e.g. toast, cereals of your choice, French fresh croissants from French bakery subject to availability, fruit, fresh coffee etc.

8:30-9:20 A personalised, quiet guided, gentle meditation or a mindfulness teaching session depending on your needs.

9:30-4:00 Free time (town, yoga, Malvern hills, cafes, restaurants, time at home reading or in the garden, Buddhist temple etc all within walking distance. Mainline train to Birmingham, Hereford, Worcester etc and all local towns available within walking distance too).  This is a time to process and rest.  I can support with ideas of how you might like to spend your time.

4:00 - 4:50  1:1 therapeutic mindfulness session with instruction or counselling session, adapted dependent upon length of stay and your needs

5:15 - 6:30 You can join in with me cooking or have time to self in the annex

6:30-7:30 Hearty, nourishing evening shared meal with my family in our main home with time together or free to self and I can bring meal to you.

Evening - There is a lovely pub within walking distance with real ales and a log fire.  You have a TV and book library you can access in your annex.

My 'middle way' break away will cater for tired people of all ages and those with energy to do more: the program has plenty of time to lie in, go out to sight see or just be alone. If you need a rest, want to just watch the TV, go shopping or read, you are self-caring so this would always be fine and there will be no judgement. You can miss any sessions you wish, just please let me know the night before or during the day if plans change, by text.


The people who will feel at home coming to my home for a break are those who want to balance quiet with a holiday and time to explore the Malverns. I welcome those who bring their sense of humour and laughter as well as those seeking a deep rest and their suffering and pain and need a more gentle approach.


The food I cook is wholesome, honest, robust and hearty and not consumed in a glass. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can provide your own recipes which I will follow (provide in advance several recipes so I can cook within my confidence levels).  You are welcome to cook with me, if you want some social connection, over a glass of wine.



£75 per day for mindfulness work and £75 per night in addition for accommodation.  £15 per evening meal, including glass of wine. There is a 10% discount for breaks of 5 nights or more.  Breaks can be booked starting any day, by arrangement. Program starts with first session at 4pm on arrival and ends after a final 1:1 mindfulness meditation on the final morning after breakfast. Check out is usually 10 am. The cost for a full 5 day program, with 5 day discount, is £720 (any evening meals extra).  Breaks are usually no more than 7 days long but the accommodation only option can be booked either side of a break, at extra cost if you want to extend your stay and rest.

More information

I have space to accommodate up to 2 but there is a double bed.  Cost for two would be by negotiation but the 1:1 may need to be alternated or schedule changed.  The cost would be £800-900 for two people for the 5 days depending on how many sessions you both wanted. Evening meal is in our family kitchen (above the annex).  You are essentially coming to an Airbnb where I offer the extra mindfulness sessions.  It's a homestay in a self-contained annex with its own entrance. I have decided not to call my breaks 'Retreats' but 'Mindfulness breaks'. Breaks because they are for people who most importantly need a therapeutic holiday not just a program.

'Getting away with time for developing clarity and space for the body and mind' with added buckets of self-kindness, connection and an expectation of relaxation, laughter and enjoyment' is my offer. Come and stay with me, in Malvern, enjoy 1:1 therapeutic mindfulness work and a break in the hills.


Use the contact me tab on the upper tab if you are interested.

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