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Ethical code of conduct

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I meet and follow all of the standards of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society in their Ethical Framework, as a Student  Counsellor.  Members commit to and agree to:
1.    Put clients first

2.    Work to professional standards by:
a. working only with clients we feel we are experienced enough to be able to help
b. continuing to learn ourselves
c. collaborating with other professionals
d. ensuring we look after our own mental and physical health
e. keep accurate and appropriate records

3. Show respect by valuing each client as a unique person, agreeing with them how we will work together and protecting their privacy.

4. Build an appropriate relationship with clients by being clear what they can expect from us (including clarity around costs), respecting, and not abusing professional client boundaries and listening to our clients’ experiences of working with us.

5. Maintain integrity by being honest with our clients about the work we do together, our own qualifications, experience and our chosen working methods and fulfilling our legal obligations to protect you and others.

6. Being accountable by talking to clients openly and reviewing and monitoring our work with clients and with more experienced supervisors where appropriate. We have regular supervision ourselves.

In exceptional circumstances, the need to safeguard our clients or others from serious harm may require us to override our commitment to making our client’s wishes and confidentiality our primary concern. We may need to act in ways that will support any investigations or actions necessary to prevent serious harm to our clients or others. In such circumstances, we will do our best to respect the parts of our client’s wishes or confidences that do not need to be overridden in order to prevent serious harm.

We will be covered by adequate insurance when providing services directly or indirectly to the public.

We will take the law concerning equality, diversity and inclusion into careful consideration and strive for a higher standard than the legal minimum.

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