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Compassionate Mindfulness

Learn compassionate mindfulness

As an ex-teacher I enjoy training others and helping them learn how to practice secular Mindfulness. I'm fully qualified as a mindfulness teacher and am able to teach accessible, simple to learn, effective and evidence-based secular Mindfulness techniques. I can work on a 1:1, or in a small group.  I put an an emphasis on compassionate and therapeutic, trauma aware practices. Courses help participants to manage stress, anxiety and increase self-compassion and resilience. The program is aimed at beginners. I deliver these sessions myself.  Please phone or send me a message via the Contact Us page


Is there anything else more advanced?

I offer rest breaks in my home booked via Airbnb.  The quiet, private space is complemented with daily one to one work for more therapeutic practice and support.  The break is tailored entirely to your needs so please get in touch.  I live within walking distance of the Malvern hills.  My aim is to help you to inquire deeper inside and find greater balance and acceptance, finding the inner resources to restore and reconnect you with yourself and nature. Please look at my pages on therapeutic breaks and One to one therapeutic work. 

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