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Transformative Counselling Services in Malvern

Are you grappling with feelings of grief, overwhelm or anxiety and want to have more peace and feel more in control?  Maybe you are seeking support and acceptance to help you process feeling helpless or powerless. Counselling can be really helpful and this is what I can offer: a safe space where you can be heard and I hope feel understood.  Together we can work through your challenges to help you to make decisions, or find more peace and happiness or just be with your through your difficulties.

Embracing New Journeys from Autumn 2024

I'm pleased to announce that I will be welcoming new counselling clients beginning in the autumn of 2024. If you're seeking a counselling partnership that can make a real difference, I invite you to reach out for a preliminary conversation.  I continue to take mindfulness/EFT clients in the meantime.

A Personal Sanctuary for Healing

My counselling practice is nestled in the tranquil setting of my garden room in Malvern Link, offering a private and inviting retreat from the impersonal nature of clinical spaces. I hope the power of a relaxed environment will help foster the counselling connection and support your journey to feeling better and finding emotional healing. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or the convenience of online or phone sessions, I am able to tailor my approach to your preferences.

A Place to Be Understood

In your sessions, you'll find a safe haven to unpack your concerns and worries. With careful listening and a commitment to understanding your experiences, without judgment, my goal is to guide you towards clarity and well-being.   


I have navigated my way through and out of my own significant challenges.  I was able, with the support of others' kindness, acceptance and wisdom, get back in control again and steer my life toward a place of peace, safety and stability.   So when I sit with my clients, I do so as someone who's been in the thick of it myself.  There is no judgement, but empathy and insight from having learnt lessons not only from formal qualification and training but first hand.  So if you too are seeking a path back to a stronger, more centred you, I'm here to offer my professional support, to help you too to find your footing and feel in control again. 

Flexible and Focused on You

We will collaborate to schedule sessions that fit your life, whether weekly or fortnightly, providing you the space to navigate through your personal narrative at a pace that feels right for you. Your unique circumstances and aspirations are the heart of our work together. The approaches and ways we work together, will be discussed and agreed prior to our starting work. 

Professional Credentials and Specialised Expertise

Currently certified to level 3, with an upcoming completion of a Counselling Diploma (level 4), I am insured, supervised, and a member of the NCPS (currently student member). My expertise extends to additional specialised training in grief, loss, anxiety, and trauma, though my practice is equipped to support a diverse set of challenges you may be experiencing.

Connect with Me

If my approach resonates with you, please don't hesitate to initiate contact. You can reach out through the provided contact form, call me at 078435 44009, or email Let’s start with an informal, complimentary chat of up to 20 minutes to understand your needs and explore how counselling could be beneficial for you. In instances of highly specialised needs, such as eating disorders, I'm dedicated to guiding you towards the best possible support, even if it means recommending specialists in that area.


Future Opportunities for Counselling

While I currently have space for new mindfulness/integrative clients at £35 per session, I look forward to offering 'counselling only' services at £50 per 50-minute session in October 2024.



Please inquire about potential concessions if needed. Your journey towards healing is my priority, and I’m here to walk alongside you with empathy, kindness and expertise.

The counselling room in Malvern
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