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1:1 Therapeutic Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Services to Tackle Anxiety

Mindfulness techniques are proven to help lessen anxiety and support with many other issues. I’m not just trained to teach or lead  mindfulness.  I’m fully insured to teach you and to lead you in the practice therapeutic mindfulness which you will be able to use to help you manage strong feelings and responses.

How It Works

We will blend mindfulness with other effective practices like listening inquiry and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help you lower your stress levels. As you are able to be more aware through the practices, you can uncover your own inner truths, wisdom and self guidance. Six sessions often make a significant difference for my clients, enabling them to handle life better using the techniques on their own once we finish working together. Those with more complex issues may choose to continue a bit longer. Teaching you to calm from the body up (not the mind down) is highly effective and our time together is therefore often shorter than standard counselling.  It will not however deeply analyse and explore the roots of issues, though you could continue with counselling once you are feeling more 'grounded' or 'stable' and comfortable.  Mindfulness sessions are also ore directive and use a teaching approach from me. The charge is £35 per hour, and I'm open to new clients now.

What to Expect

These sessions tap into both your potential and my intuitive mindful awareness, providing practical steps, methods and strategies for you to continue to practice, often leading to significant and profound personal growth. If you work with me for mindfulness work, I will be more actively engaged in guiding and leading the process.   We usually sit in comfortable chairs and talk and each session is tailored to you. I teach you about mindfulness and we practice together. I often integrate tapping and talking/listening inquiry too to help raise your insights.

My Background

With over 300 hours of formal training in secular therapeutic mindfulness here in the UK, plus training under Thích Nhất Hạnh in Thailand, my approach is deeply rooted in self-compassion and fully meets all the standards of the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches.  I am highly intuitive when I work with mindfulness clients and am myself mindfully fully present with you which builds our connection.

Flexible and Accessible

Sessions can happen in my Malvern home or via Zoom. We'll tailor your sessions to fit you whether that’s sitting comfortably or taking a mindful walk outdoors.  I prefer to practice mindfulness together in person to help that energetic awareness.


Pricing and Offers

Standard rate: £35 per therapeutic hour. Special offer: Three sessions for £90 if paid up front. 

Get Started

Want to know more? Reach out for a free 20-minute chat. Just use the contact form, or email me directly. And don't forget to check out my blog for insights on how therapeutic mindfulness can benefit you. Plus, if you're interested in mindfulness scripts tailored to you, ask me for 3 free PDFs as a gift from me to you.


Testimonies from therapeutic mindfulness work

Health / dying anxiety

Brilliant, caring, friendly, professional service ....Gave me my lightbulb moment with compassion and kindness. Would highly recommend.

Feedback from Mindfulness/EFT client J (3 sessions)

New parent anxiety

I can strongly recommend The Mindful Counsellor. Her therapy session are gentle, intuitive and focused on what you most need help with on the day. With her help I have the tools to soothe and help myself. I feel stronger and more centred. I felt cared for and nurtured by her calm, friendly and tailored approach. She is supportive and kind and very practical.  

Feedback from mindfulness client J (6 sessions)

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