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Mindfulness ethics

I meet all the criteria of the highest standards for Mindfulness teachers, from The British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA).  Their 'Good Practice Guidelines recommends that Mindfulness teachers should:

1. Be familiar with and have in-depth personal experience with the curriculum and practices that will be taught. 
2. Have prior completion of their own in-depth, rigorous mindfulness-based teacher training (over a minimum duration of 12 months). 
3. Have a professional qualification in mental, social or physical health care or education. 
4. Have knowledge and experience of the target group the training is delivered to. 

5. Have a personal mindfulness practice which is daily and includes at least one annual retreat with significant period of silence 
6. Undertakes ongoing mindfulness training

7. Collaborate with other mindfulness practitioners

8. Has regular supervision

9. Adheres any relevant ethical framework appropriate to the working context. 

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