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My Mindful Counsellor

Dionne Rooney
Welcome... I specialise in supporting clients with grief, loss, anxiety and trauma.  I can work face to face or online.  
You can make contact with me via 07843544009 or 



I am excited to announce I will be taking on new counselling clients, after my wedding, in October 2024.  Face to face in Malvern, online or by phone. I specialise in clients with anxiety, grief, loss and overwhelm/ trauma symptoms but work with a wide range of other issues. 



I am a fully qualified mindfulness teacher and able to teach you  how to use mindfulness to help regulate high levels of emotion: fear, anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, panic. I can help with many other issues. Please get in touch.


EFT / Tapping

I am a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.  I am able to work with children,  young people or adults to help reduce anxiety or work with other issues, including pain, phobias, fears etc.



I can tailor write and deliver structured courses teaching mindfulness 1:1 or in small groups.  

What others say

When I asked my clients to describe my approach and what I offer, they tend to say things like: 'You have a real insight into my pain',  '...a lot of kindness', 'easy to talk to' and 'a great deal of acceptance/non-judgement'.


Dee provides an invaluable service... I would highly recommend her. She provides a safe nurturing environment and practical techniques but most of all her empathic approach helps build positive outcomes. Her approach is sensitive to an individual's needs and shows great compassion and insight. I can highly recommend her service for young people who need help to manage anxiety.   (Parent of young client supported with school linked anxiety, Client M) 

I just wanted to let you know that for the first ever Father’s Day, since I can remember, I can listen to the radio (and all the programmes referencing Father's Day), remembering my dad. I have definitely given myself permission to grieve and it feels good. It's only taken me 50 years...Thank you again for your help.    (Client S)

My Mindful Counsellor Malvern
Ask me GPT

I have trained my own GPT to answer your questions using only materials and mindfulness resources written by me.  You can access these free if you have GPT 4.0 or make a request to me.  Since Dee-GPT only speaks my words, the mindfulness and frameworks provided are a starting point for you to explore what working with me would be like.  The 'Bot', the very glamorous AI version of me, is available 24/7/365 to answer anything counselling or mindfulness related, totally free.   If you don't have GPT4.0 make a request direct please.  You can also head over to The Mindful Counsellor on face book where I posted various answers which you may find useful.   

Malvern based counsellor
Request a call back
If you would like a call back, please complete the form.  I aim to respond within 24 hours but will respond within three working days.  Or you can call me 07843544009.  My number shows as number withheld as I am also a volunteer and we are not allowed to share our numbers.

Thanks for submitting and requesting a response.  Your email will be kept secure and only used to contact you about services. It will not be shared. See privacy page for mor information) 

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