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Dionne Powell

My Mindful Counsellor
Thank you for visiting to find out more about working with me.  I specialise in working with clients who are looking for support with a wide range of issues including grief, loss, anxiety and trauma. I offer counselling in Malvern, Worcestershire and beyond.
I can work face to face in Malvern or online.   As of June 2024, I have a vacancy for face to face or online work.  
Please give me a call, email or text and make initial contact:  07843544009 or  



I will be available for new counselling clients after Summer break (09/2024).  My expertise is in bereavement counselling and anxiety.  I can help you if you are very sad or down, coping with a loss of any kind or if you are feeling very anxious or worried.  I usually work face to face in Malvern and also offer online counselling or even 'walk and talk' therapy if sitting down doesn't suit you.  



I support clients to manage strong emotions and find healing and more balance with a range of issues, using the wisdom and healing power of the body, using mindfulness and body awareness and somatic practices.   By listening to the body and nervous system and using that knowledge, I can help you heal.   Please get in touch.  I currently have one vacancy (time to suit, June 2024).


EFT / Tapping

I am a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.  I work with children,  young people and adults again helping them to reduce anxiety and bringing relief with many other issues, including pain, phobias, fears, addiction, anxiety, etc.  I currently have one vacancy (June 2024, time to suit)



I can tailor write and deliver structured courses teaching mindfulness, usually online if a small group or individually face to face meeting weekly for an hour.  

What others say

"Dee's approach is sensitive and she shows great compassion and insight. I can highly recommend her." (M) 

"Fantastic!  I am so glad I choose Dee. I was anxious at taking the leap ... but so glad I did.  I definitely chose the right person. I was really struggling but Dee helped me with my anxiety and grief ... She is so knowledgeable, caring and understanding, in a relaxed, 'non-clinical' way, which is just what I needed. Can't recommend her more." (J)

"Brilliant, caring, friendly, professional service! Gave me my lightbulb moment with compassion and kindness, in 3 tapping sessions! Would highly recommend. (J)

"My husband died last year. I have to admit I was sceptical as I'd never had counselling before.  What could someone do for me that I can't get from close friends?  Well from the first call, I think we clicked.  That's when I realised what a calming energy Dionne was. No judgement only empathy.  Dionne is everything you would want in a counsellor. ...  I would wholeheartedly recommend her.  Her words of wisdom and her understanding are second to none. I'm grateful to have had her as a counsellor. .... I am in such a better place and moving forwards!   (H)

My Mindful Counsellor Malvern
Work with me

Please request a free 15-20 minute call to discuss how we might work together, using the form below or the page on the tab.


My face book page is The Mindful Counsellor.  It contains various useful resources.  Please see my blog tpp which can be accessed on the top tab.  Check out my very own MMC Chat GPT.  She is trained to provide you with a free mindfulness script based on my training and resources, as a free taster.   

Go to my ChatGPT (4.0 required)  

Malvern based counsellor
Request a call back
If you are struggling and would like a call back, please complete the form.  I aim to respond within 24 hours but will respond within three working days.  Or you can call me 07843544009.  My number shows as number withheld as I am also a volunteer and we are not allowed to share our numbers.

Thanks for submitting and requesting a response.  Your email will be kept secure and only used to contact you about services. It will not be shared. See privacy page for mor information) 

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