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Counselling involves talking through the concerns you have and your experiences with someone who listens intently.  This deep listening helps build a relationship where you feel safe and heard, where you can be helped to understand your experience fully. 


It is a supportive place, which is confidential and non-judgemental.  The counsellor helps you to implement changes you might like to try and supports you through those changes.

I am a student Counsellor and am currently qualified to level 3, working towards a Level 4 as an integrative therapist. My experience is diverse but I have an additional qualification from Cruse Bereavement Service, in Bereavement Support.   My counselling interest is in supporting those struggling with unwelcome change and loss (including relationships, job, power and control (for example from bullying or abuse), loss of wealth or personal health, divorce, grief and bereavement). 


I enjoy helping clients to manage anxiety from these challenging life events and to overcome overwhelm so that they can find a happier future.  My interest stems primarily from experiencing a cocktail of these events myself, within a short period of time and finding my own way through these.  My experience was consistent with complex trauma, which with Mindfulness, tapping and talking therapies found my way through stronger and wiser. 

The non-jargon version of my Counselling approach is that I believe the client has many of the answers themselves.  I really believe that most of us just need a safe space to explore and process our honest thoughts, feelings and experiences and to find acceptance just as we are.  We need help to soothe our emotions, thoughts and reactions as we go along this journey.  Whilst I do look how the past might be influencing our present experiences (psychodynamic), and I also do look at how our thoughts and ideas also lead us to certain reactions (CBT approach), my work centres mostly around the here and now and what we want going forwards.  I help clients to notice and be aware and how our thoughts and feelings tell us right now what is helpful.  I also share ideas of strategies such as grounding to help clients process strong emotions.  


I believe in helping the client 'feel' their truths, not only cognitively but also in their bodies through mindful awareness, if this is something clients are interested in.   


My work is trauma informed and I am complimented often that people feel safe around me to be fully honest and themselves.  

I am interested in walking and talking therapy and forest bathing to help build connection with nature and eco-psychotherapeutic mindfulness techniques, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TRE (Tension Stress and Trauma Release Therapy). These can be incorporated into work too.

I work from home in Malvern or by Zoom.  Appointments available for counselling from Summer 2024.  1:1 mindfulness sessions are available and can be booked for immediate start, pending availability - please see the page on therapeutic mindfulness for further information. I am insured and a student member of the National Counselling Society.

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