One to One
Therapeutic Mindfulness

Mindfulness and compassionate practices, led by a qualified, accredited teacher are entirely safe, for most people. The group setting is a good place to be able to briefly share our experiences and to learn mindfulness.


Sometimes however, due to trauma or other complex issues, mindfulness can shine a greater light and awareness on our inner pain and/or suffering and you may prefer to work through this experience or learn mindfulness 1:1.   Most of my work is 1:1, perhaps because of my Counselling background.  


I usually do this therapeutic mindfulness work in my garden room in Malvern. Clients usually come weekly or fortnightly. I teach mindfulness with compassion and after short periods of led mindfulness together, we talk about what is experienced, helping connect your mind and body, giving both a rest and listening intently to both.

We work towards establishing a stable personal practice, slowly and steadily and this would be at an individualised pace covering individualised practices. The cost for this work is £30 per hour but I offer reduced costs for those for whom would otherwise be unable to access help for a limited period. Please contact me on 07843544009 or use the form below to request a call back, if you would like to have one to one therapeutic mindfulness sessions or to find out what availability I have.

All of my work is trauma sensitive.

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