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Compassionate Mindfulness

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As an ex-teacher I enjoy training others about Mindfulness based approaches. I particularly enjoy working with schools and teachers as this is my own background.

I can work with a small group or even 1:1 at your pace, tailored to you over just a few sessions.  I have a Level 4 qualification as a Mindfulness Teacher and trained with Mindfulness UK to teach The Compassionate Mindfulness Resilience (CMR) course. 


One course I offer is over 8 hours, costs £120 per person for the 8+ hours.  It teaches accessible, simple to learn, effective and evidence-based Mindfulness techniques, with an emphasis on compassionate practices. The course will help participants to manage stress, anxiety and increase your self-compassion and resilience. This takes place in a work place, or school, over 2 or 4 sessions.


The course needs a minimum of 6 participants from the same organisation.  The organisation pays a £100 administration fee in addition to the participant costs of £120 each and needs to provide a warm space with for mats and chairs.

I also deliver this training on a 1:1 basis and the cost is £225.  Within the 8 hours, when delivered individually I include a 50-minute introductory therapeutic mindfulness session.  The 1:1 work is usually done over Zoom and can be delivered over 2 or 3 sessions.

The program is aimed at beginners or those who want to develop a basic practice. This particular course was developed and written by Mindfulness UK and is currently being researched by Newcastle University for its impact with very sick patients, nurses and others to show its effectiveness in building resilience and developing mindfulness and self-compassion. I deliver these sessions myself. 


If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, I am able to offer the course on a 1:1 at a reduced cost, which is £`195.  If you are a Malvern resident and/or a low-paid carer, nurse or other key worker, I can also offer a 10% discount.  A family combined income of below £35 000 including all benefits/housing benefits, would be a broad view of the criteria as 'low-paid'.  

Reasons this course might be for you

This course will be a good match for you if you:

- Are busy. The course does need a commitment of 2.5 hours a week, via Zoom, over four weeks but this is considerable less than other longer 'introductory' courses. Spending an extra 10 minutes most days in between will enable you to put into practice your learning and get more out;

- Like and need practical strategies which you can then practice at home;

- Want to manage your real-life challenges such as anxiety, fear, striving and stress differently;

- Want to have more self-compassion and be kinder to yourself and others;

- Need to be more resilient and cope better with uncomfortable situations and feelings;

- Want something beginner-friendly or suitable if you have little experience or previous success with mindfulness.

What is the content of each session when delivered corporately?

Each session is 2.5 hours, including a break. There is a 20 minutes 'Extra-time' at the end of each session for deeper exploration , so please allow a little extra time if you would like to ask anything more specific to yourself, within the group setting.

Session One - Exploring Mindfulness and Compassion

Session Two - Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Session Three - Developing Resilience

Session Four - Feeling Resourced and Connected

How do I book?

If you would like to book 1:1 to do this course, or are a school or corporate group and would like team training, please send me a message via the Contact Us page

Is there anything else more advanced?

I offer rest breaks in my home and complement a quiet, private space with daily one to one work for more therapeutic practice and support.  The break is tailored entirely to your needs so please get in touch.  I live within walking distance of the Malvern hills.  My aim is to help you to inquire deeper inside and find greater balance and acceptance, finding the inner resources to restore and reconnect you with yourself and nature. Please look at my pages on therapeutic breaks and One to one therapeutic work. 

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